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Recycled jeans coasters – free pattern and tutorial

Those recycled jeans coasters are made with an insert of printed cotton fabric. They are made of 2 or 3 layers of cotton fabric and 2 layers of jeans. You will discover here how to achieve the delicate fringe edging for an edgy recycled look. My family adores those as they do protect the furniture really well, don’t slip, and absorb any excess humidity.  


Each coaster measures approximately 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm (4½ cm x 4½ inches), including the fringe. But you could also make them in any size of your choice. Caring for them is very easy: simply wash them in cold water, dry them moderately and press them if desired. 


So here are the steps to make this project: 

  1. Cut on the bias 2 or 3 squares of cotton fabric measuring 12 cm (4¾ in) wide. 
  2. Cut on the bias 2 squares of jeans measuring 12 cm (4¾ in) wide. 
  3. Mark the center topstitching (square of approx 5.3 cm / 2 in). 
  4. Topstitch through all layers for a neat finish. 
  5. Topstitch all around, approx 1 cm (½ in) in from outside edges. Pin all layers in place to make it easier. 


Then the secret to achieving the pretty fringe… You need to pre-wash them. The washing machine and dryer will fray the pretty fringe. Cutting the fabric on the bias keeps a delicate fringe. Feel free to press the coasters when you get them out of the dryer to get an ever prettier result.  

Now it’s time to upcycle your old jeans and cotton fabric scraps! 


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